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minella-houseMinella – Historical Background

The Malcomson’s, a Quaker family were regarded as the most enterprising entrepreneurs of their time. The founder David Malcomson (1765-1844) built up a commercial empire of international importance, and at its peak included; shipbuilding corn milling, cotton manufacture, salmon fisheries, extensive railway interests, in addition to ownership of a coalmine in the Rhur Valley and a tea plantation in now Sri Lanka.

It was this huge wealth and sucess that gave rise to a period of ostentation and granduer, going against the Quaker ethos of plainness and simplicity!

The trend towards architectural extravagance became evident in 1861 as the great Malcomson house building boom began. Numerous country houses were built in the locality by the family. Culminating it’s finest expression in Thomas Malcomson’s neo-classical mansion, Minella built in 1863.

Designed by the nationally acclaimed and fashionable architect, John Skipton Mulvany, who had been extensively employed by the Malcomson’s by the end of the 1850’s. “The House itself is classical, with a pair of full-height bows on the garden elevation, which overlook the River Suir. the main rooms are arranged around an elongated central hall which rises to roof level.”

It was in 1961 that a dream came true, and Minella was purchased by the late Jack and Babs Nallen, taking two years of refurbisment, with the opening of their country house hotel in April 1963. Add on another 50 years, with extensive redevelopment and constant refurbishment, Minella is now managed by John and Elizabeth, siblings of Jack and Babs, fulfilling that dream.

The Minella name is also recognised in the world of horse racing, and John is actively involved in the training and breeding of race horses. Take a look at Minella Racing for more information.

So on behalf of our staff, we offer you a very wamr welcome to Clonmel and Minella, aiming to make you feel as comfortable and “at home” during your stay with us!

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